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Nothing gives that special message you want to send to a loved one, friend or colleague like a cake. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, engagement, retirement or any other special event.


We offer a range of cakes designed for just that purpose.

We specialise in kiddies, adults and corporate novelty cakes, scanned picture cakes, number cakes, cartoon cakes ie Pirate and pirate ships, spiderman, brats, barbie, 21st, fairy, sports etc.


Our popular cake and cup cake flavours are vanilla, chocolate, marble, van strawberry, cuppa chino, vanilla orange, lemon, choc orange, choc mint, choc strawberry, etc


We also do a wide range of Ice-Cream Cakes with different toppings and fillings such as oreos, peppermint crisp, wafers, fruits.

Ice Cream cakes can be done in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lime, banana, bubble gum.

Avengers Double Tier Cake
3d Novelty Cars Cake
Fairy Castle Double Tier Cake
Princess Sofia Scan Cake
Winnie the Pooh - Double Tier Cake
Teddy Tier Cake
Fashion Double Tier Cake
Spongebob Novelty Cake
Spiderman Novelty Cake
Roses - 3 Tier Wedding Cake
Purple 3 Tier Wedding Cake
Pearl and Flower Wedding Cake
African Wedding Cake
Flower Stand Wedding Cake
Bling Wedding Cake

Wedding   Cakes

You have probably been planning this day for many years. 


You want everything to be right for you, your partner and guests. 


Let us prepare one of our creations that will not only impress but also be as tasty as it looks!